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Analysis Request Form, Animal disease analysis
Analysis Request Form, Animal disease analysis

Analysis Request Form



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How should I send samples?
How do I create an analysis request?

Cold chain (2-8 °C) conditions must be provided for samples to be sent to our laboratory. If necessary, you can contact us before the sample is sent.

You can create your analysis requests by selecting them by animal type from the analysis request section on our website.

Analyzes made in our laboratory can be found on our website.our analysis list You can access it from the section.

What analyzes are performed in the laboratory?
How can I access the analysis results?
Which species are used in the laboratory?
Is analysis being done?

In our laboratory, analyzes are carried out for the diagnosis and problem solving of poultry, pet animals, fish, ruminant and horse diseases.

You can access your analysis results with the username and password defined by you in the "my analysis results" section on our website. Additionally, your analysis results are sent to the e-mail addresses you share with us.

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