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It was established in 2015 to carry out projects aimed at breeding healthy animals. and studies are carried out on the analysis and solution of problems at the business level. In the projects carried out, it is aimed to improve both performance and product quality after evaluation for analysis at all stages of animal production. Our activities include identifying and solving problems affecting the performance of the enterprises, R&D based studies, product trials, laboratory services and developing health and training programs according to the structure of the enterprises. Training activities for technical personnel are also carried out.

Problem Analysis and Solution in Enterprises

Product Trials and Analysis

Improving Performance Improving Product Quality

Product Development

R&D Activities

Laboratory Analysis

   Microscopic Examination (Oocyst Count)

   Salmonella Analysis (ISO6579-1)

   Microbiological Examination

   Antibiotic Susceptibility Test (Disc 6)

   PCR Analysis

   Serological Examination (ELISA)

   Vaccination (Salmonella) Control



Scientific research and Product Development Studies

Analysis conducted in our laboratory with veterinary diagnosis and analysis license

   Diagnosis of poultry diseases

   Diagnosis of farm animal diseases

   Diagnosis of fish diseases

Laboratory Units

Microbiology 1-2

   Isolation and İdentification


   Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing



Molecular Biology and Molecular Typification (Real time-qPCR)

   Molecular Diagnosis

   Molecular Typification

Our Projects

  • inek

    "’Development of Health control programs in farm animals"

  • at

    "Optimization of some practices in livestock breeding and health control"

  • tavuk

    "Health Control Program for poultry enterprises"

 To provide services in accordance with all National and International Standards, Laws and Regulations which are our obligation to be the priority of ISO 17025 Standard,

 To aim for continuous improvement of our service quality by applying ISO 17025 Standard effectively,

 To comply with quality system documentation, policies and procedures with all of our employees, including all laboratory personnel involved in experimental work,

 To act in accordance with ISO 17025 standard as laboratory establishment management and to continuously improve the efficiency of its management.

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